Rigby South Stake

2017 Merit Badge Pow Wow Event

The following merit badges are being taught:

Merit Badge ClassRoomTimeCounselorSeats Left
Auto MaintenanceUnknown06:00 pmLonnie McOmber12
Citizenship in the CommunityUnknown06:00 pmJoe SpencerFULL
Citizenship in the CommunityUnknown07:00 pmJoe SpencerFULL
Citizenship in the NationUnknown06:00 pmJared BinghamFULL
Citizenship in the NationUnknown07:00 pmJared BinghamFULL
Citizenship in the WorldUnknown06:00 pmRussell WithersFULL
Citizenship in the WorldUnknown07:00 pmRussell Withers4
CommunicationUnknown06:00 pmTyler Jacobson8
CommunicationUnknown07:00 pmTyler Jacobson7
CookingUnknown06:00 pmKarl KarsteadFULL
CookingUnknown07:00 pmKarl KarsteadFULL
CPR Training (Leaders)Unknown06:00 pmTBA9
Emergency PreparednessUnknown06:00 pmJulie Somers4
Emergency PreparednessUnknown07:00 pmJulie Somers3
Family LifeUnknown06:00 pmAlan Smith14
Family LifeUnknown07:00 pmAlan Smith7
First AidUnknown06:00 pmKathleen McOmberFULL
First AidUnknown07:00 pmKathleen McOmberFULL
Leader Specific TrainingUnknown06:00 pmTBA14
Personal Fitness Unknown06:00 pmWade Waldron3
Personal FitnessUnknown07:00 pmWade Waldron7
Personal ManagementUnknown06:00 pmJason Benedict10
Personal ManagementUnknown07:00 pmJason BenedictFULL
ProgrammingUnknown06:00 pmJosh Rolfe6
ProgrammingUnknown07:00 pmJosh Rolfe11
SafetyUnknown06:00 pmJason Miller8
SustainabilityUnknown06:00 pmRod Stocking14
SustainabilityUnknown07:00 pmRod Stocking12
Veterinary MedicineUnknown07:00 pmDustin Baker10