Rigby Stake

2017 Merit Badge Pow Wow Event

The following merit badges are being taught:

Merit Badge ClassRoomTimeCounselorSeats Left
ChessUnknown06:00 pmUnknown10
ChessUnknown07:30 pmUnknown12
Citizenship in the CommunityUnknown06:00 pmTravis WilliamsFULL
Citizenship in the CommunityUnknown07:30 pmTravis Williams12
Citizenship in the NationRm 11806:00 pmRay Swanson7
Citizenship in the NationRm 11807:30 pmRay Swanson4
Citizenship in the WorldUnknown06:00 pmUnknown4
Citizenship in the WorldUnknown07:30 pmUnknown4
CommunicationRm 10306:00 pmJason Richardson12
CommunicationRm 10307:30 pmJason Richardson1
Cooking (2 HOURS)Rm 11706:00 pmVernon FentonFULL
DentistryUnknown06:00 pmDan Yates8
DentistryUnknown07:30 pmDan Yates10
Dog CareUnknown06:00 pmDerrick Ricks13
Dog CareUnknown07:30 pmDerrick Ricks13
Emergency PreparednessRm 10806:00 pmJim and Lisa Rodgers12
Emergency PreparednessRm 10807:30 pmJim and Lisa Rodgers13
Family LifeUnknown06:00 pmRocky Hanson9
Family LifeUnknown07:30 pmRocky Hanson11
FingerprintingUnknown07:30 pmUnknown14
First Aid (2 HOURS)Relief Society06:00 pmDan Stowell9
FishingRm 11206:00 pmBill Hunting14
FishingRm 11207:30 pmBill Hunting15
Nuclear ScienceRm 10206:00 pmEric McCauley13
Nuclear ScienceRm 10207:30 pmEric McCauley8
ProgrammingRm 11306:00 pmReed Stone11
ProgrammingRm 11307:30 pmReed Stone12
SustainabilityRm 10906:00 pmMarvin Fielding13
SustainabilityRm 10907:30 pmMarvin Fielding10
Woodwork (2 HOURS)Stage06:00 pmBrad Neibaur8