Rigby South Stake

2018 Merit Badge Pow Wow Event

The following merit badges are being taught:

Merit Badge ClassRoomTimeCounselorSeats Left
Citizenship in the Community (B)Rm 11206:00 pmPamela RolfeFULL
Citizenship in the Community (B)Rm 11207:00 pmPamela RolfeFULL
Citizenship in the Nation (A)Rm 10706:00 pmJared AndersonFULL
Citizenship in the Nation (A)Rm 10707:00 pmJared AndersonFULL
Citizenship in the Nation (B)Rm 11506:00 pmJared BinghamFULL
Citizenship in the Nation (B)Rm 11507:00 pmJared Bingham10
Citizenship in the World (A)Rm 10806:00 pmJosh Rolfe 3
Citizenship in the World (A)Rm 10807:00 pmJosh Rolfe FULL
Citizenship in the World (B)Rm 11006:00 pmWeston Davis10
Citizenship in the World (B)Rm 11007:00 pmWeston DavisFULL
CommunicationRm 10406:00 pmTyler Jacobson FULL
CommunicationRm 10407:00 pmTyler Jacobson FULL
CookingRm 10606:00 pmJason Wilde FULL
CookingRm 10607:00 pmJason Wilde FULL
Emergency Preparedness (A)Relief Society06:00 pmAndrea Winn 8
Emergency Preparedness (A)Relief Society07:00 pmAndrea Winn FULL
Emergency Preparedness (B)Primary06:00 pmJulie Somers14
Emergency Preparedness (B)Primary07:00 pmJulie Somers11
Family Life (A)Rm 10306:00 pmRyan BecksteadFULL
Family Life (A)Rm 10307:00 pmRyan BecksteadFULL
First Aid (A)Rm 10906:00 pmTodd ReeseFULL
First Aid (A)Rm 10907:00 pmTodd Reese7
First Aid (B)Overflow06:00 pmRod Grgich/Adam Dean 1
First Aid (B)Overflow07:00 pmRod Grgich/Adam Dean 8
Personal FitnessGym06:00 pmTravis PhillipsFULL
Personal FitnessGym07:00 pmTravis PhillipsFULL
Personal ManagementRm 11806:00 pmJason BenedictFULL
Personal ManagementRm 11807:00 pmJason BenedictFULL
Sustainability (A)Rm 11706:00 pmTyler Slade 4
Sustainability (A)Rm 11707:00 pmTyler Slade FULL
Sustainability (B)Rm 11406:00 pmBlake Portman7
Sustainability (B)Rm 11407:00 pmBlake Portman8
XtraRm 10206:00 pm FULL
Xtra Rm 10207:00 pmFULL
Xtra ClassroomRm 10506:00 pmN/AFULL
Xtra ClassroomRm 10507:00 pmN/AFULL